Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bhava and rasi

In the continuation KP sub lord theory.

Differents between bhava or rasi

Rasi is generic term and its a complete 30 degree start from mesha to Meena.

0 to 30 degree mesha
30 deg to 60 degree rishaba likewise we can reach meena upto 360 Degree.

Bhava is entirely different. It contains short as well as long depends upon the ascendant
formation and other cusp starting degree. Sometimes the house may not be signify the specific house.

For example 4th house starting on leo at particular degree it may end in libra at some degree. That is next house. so here in the case libra is the 5th hosue. whereas virgo also within the limitation of 4th house.

The starting point of cusp any degree within the 30 degree.

For Example Aries Asc 15' 30 means ascendant starts at 15'30, So first 0 to 15'30 consider 12th

Bhava contains rasi/star/sub lord.




Planet signlord/starlord/ sub lord.
sun - mercury/saturn/venus.

How to identify the strength of the bhava and planet?
Let me tell you in the next session.

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